Integral to the core belief of innovation at Midas Safety is the commitment to exceed your expectations. The insights you provide us with are the very seeds of the innovation process.
The relationship we have with you, our customer, is that of a partner. We take all your viewpoints into our decisions, and we value timely communication with you. This practice, of working with our customers so closely, has often resulted in unlocking unrevealed needs that can lead to a competitive advantage for them.

Midas Safety has been at the forefront of innovation with several patents under its belt and an ambition to file 2-4 patents every year. Our drive for innovation results in producing the highest quality products in the market with unique benefits that exceed your expectations. This is achieved through Integrated Product Development. We manage the development with cross-functional teams to assure all aspects of product success are considered and acted on.
The process of new product development is streamlined to validate product and processes, before it is launched; all permanent changes in specs, performance and raw material have to be verified and validated.
Our designers use unique processes, materials and textiles to provide the benchmark in performance in terms of abrasion resistance, water repellency, comfort, breathability and insulation. Stringent in-house/external tests and trials have to be done to ensure that the product will comply to application needs.

Innovation is impossible without a broad base of technology. Access to multiple technologies allows researchers to take an idea from one realm and apply it to another.
The Regional Innovation Center for Yarn, Textiles and Fabrics is where new products are developed based on the needs of our clients. From concept & design to production, the RIC is equipped with the most technologically advanced glove manufacturing and design facilities that cover everything from safety gloves to leather and sports gloves. The Regional Innovation Center for Polymers is dedicated to research on developing new materials and testing of polymers and chemicals for the global manufacturing facilities.

From spinning the yarn to dipping the glove to give it the golden touch – Midas Safety derives continuous improvement by ensuring lean manufacturing to generate greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

New Products & Innovations


A unique proprietary technology developed at the Midas Innovation Center. This special coating provides the end user with a dual benefit: the best combination of comfort and performance. With the addition of the winter HPT, workers can enjoy the benefits all year round. More


Our patented NFT® coating provides good grip in wet, dry and oily conditions and, coupled with a comfortable seamless liner, offers excellent abrasion resistance. Environmentally friendly, these gloves are Oeko-Tex® certified and R.E.A.C.H. compliant. More


Coral is where innovation meets performance: an ergonomic design that delivers the best in comfort and mechanical chemical protection. Coral offers the best in terms of choices: winter and cut-resistant versions, gauntlets up to 45 cm and in different colors, liners and cut levels. Tough yet comfortable to wear all day long! More


Midas Waves is a proprietary coating with unique and best-in-class product features. The Waves coating dramatically outlasts natural latex in field applications and works especially well with cut-resistant liners. It offers excellent abrasion characteristics and significantly enhances glove longevity. More