• 100% cotton drill fabric
  • Straight thumb, wing thumb or reversible patterns
  • 7 to 13 ounce weights
  • Knit wrist, band top & gauntlet cuffs
  • Available in Black or Color dots
  • Natural fabric
  • Sizes: Men’s and Women’s
  • Materials handling
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Light abrasion applications
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products Specification

CANVAS DRILLS Product Description
PK-8 Men’s, 8 oz, straight thumb
PKW-8 Women’s, 8 oz, straight thumb
PB-8 Men’s, 8 oz, band top cuff
PKC-8-BLKW Men’s, 8 oz, wing thumb, Blue knit wrist
PKC-8-3FBKD Men’s, 8 oz, palm, thumb, index and pinky PVC dots
PKC-10 Men’s, 10 oz, wing thumb
PG-10 Men’s, 10 oz, gauntlet cuff
PK-10-BKD Men’s, 10 oz, straight thumb, PVC dots
PKC-10-ORDT Men’s, 10 oz, wing thumb, palm and index Fluorescent Orange dots
PRK-12 Men’s, 12 oz, reversible

Drill Sleeves Product Description
SLV-8DL-23CM/ ELKW 23 cm long 8 oz 100% Cotton canvas sleeve with elasticated knit wrist
SLV-10DL-44CM/ ELKW 44 cm long 10 oz 100% Cotton canvas sleeve, Hook and Loop fastener and elasticated knit wrist
SLV-10DL-44CM/ KW VEL ADJ 44 cm long 100% Cotton 10 oz drill sleeve, Hook and Loop fastener and knit wrist
SLV-10DL-45CM 1”EL-B.SIDE 45 cm long 100% Cotton 10 oz drill sleeve with elastic front and back
SLV-10DR-10”KW 10 in long 100% Cotton 10 oz drill sleeve with knit wrist