• Touchscreen gloves work great on devices such as
    • mobile and smartphones;
    • tablets, computers and media players;
    • satellite navigators and GPS units; and
    • ATMs and air ticketing terminals
  • Stylish seamless Blue liner with Blue coating
  • Same great features as regular NFT®
  • Good abrasion
  • Good grip in dry, wet and oily conditions
  • Lightweight, high-dexterity, all-day comfort
  • Sizes: XXS–XXXL
  • Light fabrication
  • Automotive industry
  • Quality inspection
  • Goods handling
  • Assembly and maintenance
  • Mild abrasive surface handling
  • Touch screen applications

products Specification

NFT® STYLUS™ Product Description EN 388
AC5P-4401RBL- 2NFTI-BB (TS) 15 GG Nylon/Spandex Royal Blue liner with NFT® breathable Nitrile coating exclusive to touchscreen gloves 4141