• High-performance engineered yarns, including Kevlar®/ HPPE/steel and glass fibers with other synthetic fiber blends
  • Foam nitrile coating provides better grip in dry and slightly oily conditions
  • Good abrasion resistance, flexibility and durability
  • High value of cut resistance
  • Knuckle-coated versions available
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Sheet metal handling
  • Glass and ceramics handling
  • Stationary blade handling
  • Mild abrasive surface handling

products Specification

COMPOSITE FOAM NITRILE Product Description EN 388 CPPT/gm
AC3-340C-9NF 13 GG HPPE/Polyamide/Spandex liner with foam Nitrile coating 4343 II/587
ACGM1P-334-9NF 10 GG seamless Aramid/Polyamide shell with foam Nitrile coating 4543 IV/2679
ACM3P-3351-9NF Kevlar®/Steel/Spandex shell with foam Nitrile coating 4532 IV/2978
ACM1-2311-9NF 10 GG Aramid/Polyamide shell with foam Nitrile coating 4533 IV/1779