• Seamless 10 and 15 gauge knit wrist gloves with ProDry™ coating
  • First coating Blue nitrile, second coating Black 2NFT®
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Automotive - engine and transmission
  • Handling and assembling of oily/greasy sharp objects
  • Light metal processes
  • Metalworking

products Specification

NFT® ProDry™ Cut Product Description EN 388 CPPT/gm
AC5-300C-9N/ 2NFT-PP/BK-L (KFK) 15 GG machine knitted Salt and Pepper glove with HPPE/Nylon and Spandex, knit wrist, palm dipped first coating Nitrile, second coating 2NFT® S-XXL 4242 II/565
ACRG3-600/400CRBL- 12NFT-BB/BK-SZ (KFK) 10 GG machine knitted Blue glove with HPPE/Nylon/ Glass and Spandex, knit wrist, knuckle and fully dipped, first coating Nitrile, second coating 2NFT® XS-XXL 4543 IV/1565