• 100% cotton and polycotton fabrics
  • Nap-in or nap-out
  • 18 to 36 ounce weights
  • Knit wrist, band top and gauntlet cuffs
  • Sizes: Men’s and Women’s
  • Metal stamping
  • Steel foundries
  • Automotive industry
  • Moderate/high-heat applications

products Specification

HOT MILLS Product Description EN 388 EN 407
HXB10CODPCJ7A/10CODPC/SCS 17 oz corded Polycotton front, 10 oz corded Polycotton back, safety cuff
HXK-10GCD+J8A/10GCD-WG90 2-ply, 18 oz Green corded palm, Green knit wrist (also available in Blue, Yellow and Fluorescent Orange)
HXB-21/8/8-KP 2-ply, 21 oz knuckle strap, band top
HXB-23/10/10-KP 2-ply, 23 oz knuckle strap, band top
HXB-26/10/10-KP-2T28 2-ply, 26 oz knuckle strap, band top, with Terry knuckle patch 2242 X1XXXX
HXG-23/23/16-15 CM 2-ply, 23 oz front, 23 oz back 16 oz gauntlet 15 cm 2223 X2XXXX
HXG-26/26/16-KP(CUFF S/O) 2-ply, 26 oz front, 26 oz back, knuckle strap, 16 oz seams-out gauntlet
HXGJ-26NO/26NI/10DK-13.5 2-ply, 26 oz nap-out jersey front and nap-in jersey back, knuckle strap, 13.5 cm 10 oz duck gauntlet 1233 01XXXX
HXG-8KVJ+T18/26JNI/ 10DK-13.5 CM-KP 2-ply, 26 oz nap-in jersey Kevlar® front and jersey nap-in back, knuckle strap, 13.5 cm 10 oz duck gauntlet (Blaze) 2442 X3XXXX
HXG-13+6F+13/10/16-KP 3-ply, 32 oz knuckle strap, gauntlet cuff
HXK+16G+T56+T56/13-KP13 3-ply, 34 oz knuckle strap, knit wrist 1221
HXG-13+6F+13/13+6F+13/ 16DK-FR KP-6” 3-ply, 32 oz front/back, 16 oz fire-retardant gauntlet 6 in long 1222 02XXXX