• Seamless 13 gauge shells with HPPE and synthetic fiber blend
  • PU colors: White, Grey and Black
  • Knuckle coating also available
  • Sizes: XS-XXL


  • Glass and ceramics handling
  • Sheet metal operations
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Injection molding operations

products Specification

Cut Level 3 Product Description EN 388 CPPT/gm
12-4LC2A-GY-3 Ash HPPE with Grey PU palm coating 4343 II/501
12-5C00-WT-3 White HPPE with White PU palm coating 4343 II/506
AC3P-510/390C-PU Black and White Nylon/Spandex shell, HPPE plaited with Grey PU coating \n 4342 II/540
12-5HCYL-BK-3 Blue, Hi-Viz or Grey Melange 15 GG HPPE/Nylon/Glass/ Spandex shell coated with PU, palm dip, knit wrist\n 4343 II/856

Cut Level 5 Product Description EN 388 CPPT/gm
ACRG3-600/400C-PU Seamless HPPE/Glass plaited shell with PU coating 4543 III/1271
ACRG3P-340CS-PU Seamless 13 GG HPPE/Glass plaited shell with PU coating 4542 III/1366
ACRG3P-540/370-PU Seamless 13 GG HPPE/Nylon/Glass plaited shell with PU coating\n 4543 III/1386