Midas Safety remains committed to making the world a safer and better place now and in the future. The organization and its associates are reputed to being socially responsible.

Employee Welfare

As a responsible manufacturer, keeping employees safe, healthy and happy is a priority. Midas Safety realizes how important health, shelter and family is and believes in the personal growth of its employees. It therefore invests in improving employee standards of living by building and renovating homes and free medical check-ups for all.

Educational Welfare

Midas Safety believes that education is a key to a more promising future and is active in aiding children through scholarships. The organization provides scholarships to children and aides with necessities like school bags and books.

Health Welfare

Playing our role in contributing to a healthier society, Midas Safety funds and contributes medical equipment, ambulances, medicines and other medical necessities to government hospitals. The organization also regularly sets up blood donation campaigns

Disaster Relief

Midas Safety is eager to help in providing essential goods for flood victims and displaced communities. To facilitate river water transport, boats have been made available for people to travel with ease.

Satellite Training Unit (STU)

STU is an initiative in collaboration with a project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for Gender Promotion; called GEN-PROM. The objective is to provide economic empowerment to women, by teaching them skills required by the garment industry. Midas Safety’s STU was first established in 2008 and since then over 1,600 female workers have been trained.

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