Midas Safety emphasizes expertise, capability and quality across 14 facilities. Together, they cover an entire vertically integrated product cycle from development, raw material procurement, processing and packaging which allows for material and process consistency, cost savings and expediency.


Our spinning mill is in Pakistan’s leading yarn and fabric belt. The mill can transform bales of raw cotton into many variants of generic and technical yarns. Midas Touch guarantees the care put into selecting the most reputable suppliers and processes.


We process generic yarns, polyester and polyamides; high-performance yarns like glass, steel, Kevlar® & Nomex®; and Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (e.g., Dyneema®).


We ply our own technical yarns and our in-house processing allows for customization of yarn compositions to meet the desired performance specifics for our customized products.


Our unique range of Shima Seiki high-performance knitting machines cover the widest range of knitting options, from 5 to 21 gauge, allowing unparalleled diversification in seamless liner configurations.


We are unmatched in our quality and variety of coating technologies. We are known for our unique proprietary coatings like HPT®, CORAL™, NFT®, PFT, Next-Gen PU.


We have a dedicated team of process engineers for constant productivity and consistency improvements.

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