Midas Safety has invested US$7 million over the last ten years to move towards renewable energy production and waste recycling.

Renewable Energy Production

We generate and use renewable energy equivalent of 227 million kWh through biomass every year. The Sawdust/Gliricidia and rubber wood we use is equivalent to saving:

• Fuel Oil 26,152 tonnes/year (63,000 tonnes of CO2)
• Natural Gas 19,820 tonnes/year (45,000 tonnes of CO2)
• Coal 41,296 tonnes/year (77,000 tonnes of CO2)

Creating energy from renewable biomass is part of our efforts and accounts for 90% of our thermal energy consumption in our Sri Lankan facilities.

Water Treatment

We treat 200 million gallons of effluent water per year. The treated water is then sent to a centralized government-run facility for secondary treatment before being discharged into the river for use by the surrounding communities. By the end of 2022, Midas Safety will have invested over US$2 million to enhance its capacity for water recycling and effluent treatment.


Midas Safety’s paper and cardboard related initiatives in 2020 have resulted in saving 4,026 trees, 153 tonnes of reduced CO2 and 168 tonnes of reduced paper waste.

Replacing traditional polybags with environmental-friendly options and/or weight reduction has resulted in reduced consumption of 21 tonnes of plastic.

Changing the World One Pair of Gloves at a Time

We use U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as guidelines and our commitment to environmental stewardship currently revolves around 6 of these goals

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