Leaps towards a better tomorrow

Search for talent is a never-ending process; our teams our continuously growing, and our employees are experts in their particular skill sets. “Your merits have given you all the textbook knowledge, lets put it to practical use at Midas Safety”. We will train and nurture you and seek out all your hidden potentials. At Midas Safety, our employees are our family, and we grow together.

With us, you get to work in a diverse environment with people coming from different locations and different walks of life. Our talent pool is massive, and we would want you to add to our ever-growing community. Join us and strengthen your skills and broaden your horizons.

Our Departments

Midas Safety has a global presence.
All various departments from around the world are in-sync and work towards our overall goal of securing your employees.


All our facilities are connected via a dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning platform.

Human Resources

Finding the right candidates, nurturing them, and guiding them in-line with Midas Safety’s Corporate Culture.

Customer Services

Midas Safety is a Customer-Centric organization, and we ensure that we surpass their expectations.

Factory Management

Ensuring the safety of workers, maintenance of predefined standards, and perfection in end-products.


Ensuring that all current, new, and future compliance requirements are thoroughly being met.


Budgeting for the future; and recording, maintaining, and managing all Midas Safety’s financial resources from all our Global facilities.

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Our Opportunities

Leap towards a better tomorrow, search for your dream job at one of our global offices.

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