Technical Yarns and Fabrics – Spinning Maximum Protection

“Safety” in Midas Safety is more than a word, it is the credo ingrained in our very DNA. Being vertically integrated all the way upstream to the manufacture of yarns, Midas Safety has developed a range of technical yarns and fabrics.

Using state of the art ring spinning machines, high quality cores, fibers and our proprietary blends, Midas Safety's technical yarns and fabrics provide excellent protective properties.

We offer a variety of Cut, Abrasion, Thermal and Fire-resistant solutions in the form of technical yarns and fabrics that are strong yet comfortable. The strength in the core and comfort in the sheath makes our products the best fit for your needs.

Technical Ring spinning

Midas Safety started its technical yarns in the year 2013 with 4 ring frames. We are now operating with latest core and friction spun yarn frames both for rigid and flexible core along with plied yarns with a capacity of producing 40 tons a month. This diversified plant produces a wide range of standard spun, glass core spun, steel core spun and other composite technical yarns for modern days industrial needs.

By using our own high-quality Technical Yarns, we have developed a range of Protective Fabrics having superior performance and comfort than equivalent products in the market. By using our composite and engineered yarns, our fabrics can achieve the highest cut resistance levels without compromising on comfort.

Open-end spinning

Midas Safety started its spinning plant operations in the year 2000 with 4 Autocoro frames and going forward organized a setup of recycling plant. This unique plant recycles different colored textile waste materials and produces high quality fiber. The mill is now operating with 12 Autocoro frames including 2 latest Autocoro 9 frames with a capacity of producing 35 tons a day high quality RG and cotton yarns.

Midas Safety’s Spinning unit is the leading, renowned & recognized yarn manufacturing unit dedicated to provide premium quality yarn products to the customers who value quality the most. Thus responding to emerging trends in the spinning industry and exporting yarn to International market, we have the technology to transform the dreams of absolute quality into reality. We also maintain fair, friendly, and creative work environment, which inculcates diversity, new ideas and diligence.

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