Midas Touch is a combination of unique capabilities and practices that places Midas Safety at the forefront of the hand protection industry. It is the reason hundreds of globally renowned PPE safety brands have chosen Midas Safety as their credible OEM of industrial safety gloves for over 40 years.


We emphasize expertise, capability and quality across 14 facilities.

R&D and Technologies

We invest heavily in R&D and it shows in the results. We hold eight patents currently with an objective to file more.

Environmental Stewardship

We have invested US$7 million over the last ten years to move towards renewable energy production and waste recycling.

Social and Quality Compliances

Our factories are all audited or certified in one or more of 15 performance and compliance programs.

Partnerships and Trust

Many of our partnerships are as old as we are. Midas Safety is an unequaled OEM manufacturer with a proven history of selective customer partnerships.

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