Career Growth

At Midas Safety, we ensure employee safety and help them succeed personally and
professionally. No matter where you are in your career, Midas Safety offers continuous growth
opportunities and training to help you cultivate your skills and expand your career within a truly
global workplace.

Training and Development

Once you are part of our family, we invest tremendous resources to ensure you develop a comfort level with your responsibilities. Necessary training modules and workshops are a regular part of the Exposure and Experience component of the Learning Model, and these are available to everyone in the company. There are also opportunities to travel to our global offices for training related to your professional responsibilities.

Coaching And On The Job Training

We care as much about you as we do about your performance. This is why we have an active mentorship program where our junior members are paired with volunteering senior executives and employees to help counsel them on work and personal matters. We believe in developing long-term bonds.

Preparing Future Leaders

Our succession planning philosophy is: ‘Leading from the inside out.’ We have a keen eye out for the potential candidates who will go on to assume considerable responsibility at Midas Safety. Our leaders are transformational rather than transactional; they are revolutionaries and unconventional in their daily lives and even more so at work. Exposure to global practices hones their skills for leadership positions with greater responsibilities.

Career Mobility Because Of Global Presence

The Career Mobility Program bridges our global business needs with workplace skills and optimizes workers’ intercompany mobility. If the opportunity exists, employees at Midas Safety may be able to transfer out to another Midas Safety location across the globe or apply their skills to a different function by discovering open roles on our job portal. Existing employees are given higher preference if their immediate manager feels the employee deserves the transition. Career Planning and Talent Management Systems ensure that each position is filled by a deserving candidate. There is always an eye out for some to explore opportunities in our other global factories and offices.

Performance-Based Rewards

We acknowledge the people who are committed to giving Midas Safety their all, because of their deep-seated commitment to excellence. In addition to yearly performance-based bonuses Midas Safety employees enjoy appraisals based on performance, recommendation, and tenure with the company. The efforts of our team members are recognized, and we promote people who have proven their ability by consistently meeting targets and who demonstrate the competency to handle challenging problems in a collaborative and effective manner. Midas Safety implements transparent and straightforward criteria for career advancement that fosters a culture of trust and empowerment.

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