We believe in creating a work environment that allows you to achieve excellence at work and happiness in life, enables you to communicate freely with your co-workers and managers, and ensures your safety and well-being. We live by the credo that “people make the organization.” We are committed to the personal and professional development of our employees. We are happy to raise the bar of our performance because of our employees’ achievements. Complete satisfaction is derived from work if a person is valued, and that is what we do at Midas Safety. We ensure that our employees are provided the platform to unlock their true potential through necessary training and opportunities to prove themselves. It is our teams that make Midas Safety the kind of company it is – a cultured family of professionals that speaks multiple languages.

Training, Learning and Development

The 10:20:70 Rule at Midas Safety stands for the relationship between education, exposure, and experiences that collectively enable our best employees to climb up the ranks as senior members of the Midas Safety family. The belief that “learning never stops” is put into practice at Midas Safety. Everyone has a chance to grab the opportunities that come their way, via training and learning at Midas Safety, to keep themselves ahead.

Promoting Innovation

Our innovative culture permeates through the board room all the way down to our floor operators. We encourage an experimentalist mindset where every employee is in control of the challenges at hand, to help identify bottlenecks and streamline processes. Our secret recipe to being a leader in hand safety is our continued hands-on approach to developing new solutions.

Empowering Employees

At Midas Safety, ownership for the task is just as crucial as getting the job done. This the empowered mindset with which our people are able to really take responsibility for their actions in the efforts of always exceeding expectations.

Balanced Work Life

To contribute happily in the workplace, we believe our people should work in a way that leaves them ample time to pursue the other activities that make their lives well-balanced.

Humble Attitude

What makes Midas Safety a great place to work at is the respect every individual has for the other. We are like a close-knit family. Everyone brings forth their skills, communicates with open-mindedness, and works towards the common goal.

Friendly and Pleasant Environment

The fundamental pillars of the environment at Midas Safety are:

  • Achievement of Organizational Objectives – inspiring, delivering, growing
  • Working Together as a Family – sharing, supporting, collaborating
  • Give their Personal Best –excelling, committing, enjoying.
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