Creating A Revolution In Hand Protection

February 22nd, 2023

Launch of new ESD Cut range

Midas Safety, the safety solutions company is excited to announce an innovation in hand protection by combining a unique balance of function and protection against two risk factors in one glove. The new ESD Cut range offers workers hand protection which provides them with both electrostatic dissipative qualities and cut protection.

Available currently in two styles, one made from Midas Safety’s proprietary Nitrile Foam Technology (2NFT®), and the other in a lightweight poly/carbon composite liner with a PU palm dip.

Both gloves provide EN 16350:2014 ATEX compliance to protect users from electrostatic discharge risks and cut and abrasion protection with an EN388:2016 compliant composite liner.

In addition to the ESD and cut protection this new range also offers touchscreen capability and offers enhanced grip in wet, dry and oily conditions as well as providing the worker with superior comfort.

This new glove range will be a revolution for those working in hazardous environments with a real risk of electrostatic discharge.

Kashif Ali, Vice President of Product Management at Midas Safety, commented –

“We are committed to creating exciting new hand protection solutions which offers our wearers a combination of protection features enabling them to carry out work in rugged or explosive environments, such as the oil & gas and mining industries, also suitable for the telecommunications and renewable energy industries as well as white goods manufacturing, indeed anywhere where there is a real risk from electrostatic discharge and cut or abrasion injuries. By combining function and protection Midas Safety offers a real solution which provides comfort, dexterity, quality, and performance.”

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