Midas Safety Publishes its Annual Sustainability Report 2022

May 19th, 2023

At Midas Safety, we have published our second sustainability report, documenting our progress in continued improvement of our economic, environmental, and social impacts and our commitment to “Making Safety Sustainable”. The report covers our operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh for 2022 and outlines our progress towards our 2023 sustainability targets.

Last year, we published our first sustainability report with targets centred around seven pillars: People, Climate, Water, Energy, Waste, Products, and Packaging. In 2022, we took steps to create a better future by investing in communities, diversity, empowerment, and climate action projects, such as solar, wind, and biomass energy sources, reducing waste, and incorporating eco-friendly materials into our products. In addition, we rolled out a new range of eco-friendly products, which will help our product portfolio grow and provide eco-friendly choices for our customers.

We set ourselves a target to reduce overall electricity consumption by 20% and in 2022, the installed solar capacity of Midas Safety Group reached 1.414 MW. We also invested US$ 2.2 Million into an effluent treatment plant at one of our facilities in Pakistan, Beltexco Ltd, designed to treat 150,000 US Gallons per day, building on our target to recycle 20% of used water.

Recognising the threat that waste can bring to the environment, during 2022, we increased recycled materials consumption by 4.2%, whilst also reducing food waste by 46% and reducing plastic packaging by 46%.

We have also made commitments to our people, highlighting a strong focus on the health and safety of our workers, as well as nurturing their talents, and in recognition of high levels of employee engagement, our operations in Pakistan received the 2023 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award.

Hussain Kassam, CEO at Midas Safety, commented: “I would like to thank everyone for their tremendous work in supporting our efforts towards our global targets. Our data-driven approach has made it possible to measure, benchmark, and set targets for furthering our sustainability drive.”

“Despite the challenges posed by global economic conditions, building a robust and inclusive culture that focuses on economic, environmental, and social sustainability remains central to our business operations impacting the planet, from the energy we consume to the resources and materials we use in our manufacturing processes. I look forward to the great opportunities that are unfolding in our quest for progress.”

For further information, please find the report here: www.midassafety.com/sustainability22.pdf

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