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April 19th, 2023

Launch of Midas Green Range – eco-friendly solutions

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are demanding products made from recycled materials when at work or during their daily activities at home. At Midas Safety we have engaged our R&D team with the challenge to manufacture gloves from recycled materials, without losing quality.

Now, we are excited to be able to introduce our new eco-friendly range of gloves, the Midas Green range which are manufactured from recycled materials and designed for use in a wide range of applications and industries. The Midas Green range represents a major step towards meeting the growing demand for more sustainable products, without compromising on high quality hand protection and provides options for many risk factors from cut protection to general handling, as well as a disposable option.

Available currently in ten styles, nine of which incorporate sustainable liners containing 42%-90% recycled yarns, polyester, or sustainable fibres, with at least one plastic bottle used in the manufacturing process for each glove, and one a bio-degradable nitrile disposable glove, designed to breakdown in landfill at a faster rate than the typical nitrile glove (62% in one year).

As well as utilising a high quantity of recycled materials, the production process for all Midas Safety’s eco-friendly gloves, employs significantly less water and energy consumption along with a reduced carbon footprint, supporting end-user’s sustainability targets and providing first class quality hand protection.

Kashif Ali, Vice President of Product Management at Midas Safety, commented

“We’re proud to introduce Midas Green, our eco-friendly range of gloves, protecting our wearers in a range of applications from general maintenance to engineering and construction as well as options for working in the home, for gardening and DIY all whilst making safety sustainable. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability in the products they buy, and our eco-friendly gloves are our first step in meeting that consumer demand. Every pair of our eco-friendly gloves keeps at least one bottle out of our oceans or landfills. By combining the ergonomic design and seamless construction with the use of recycled materials, we can challenge the market with eco-friendly hand protection solutions.”

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